Happy Birthday to ME: H.Finn Turns 3!

1 May

Today I’m officially a toddler!

Yep, this mini pig is three years old folks & it’s time to celebrate

"Getting Piggy With It"Hard to believe it has been three whole years since I came into the world. Feels like yesterday….I was arriving at SFO & beginning my adventure in the city

"mini pig 6 weeks"

developing my impeccable fashion sense

"mini pig costume"

perfecting my snout pout

"mini pig snout pout"

and discovering new nooks to nap in

"mini pig napping"

This little piggy has some cake to attend to. How do you celebrate your special day?

Mini Pig Vacation!

18 Apr

"mini pig wearing sunglasses"This mini pig has gone down south. Well to the south Bay Area that is.

As a pre-birthday treat I got to go on a mini vacation to my grand-pig parent’s.

They aren’t as tech savvy as my mama so I’ve been having technology withdrawals this past week. After much oinking, squealing, stomping and showing them my doe eyes, I was able to convince them to take me to the library so I could use a computer and reconnect with the world!!

My hooves are accustomed to a more ergonomic keyboard so my post will have to be brief. Good news is, my g-pa has been capturing me via 18mm in the backyard so I’ll do my mini pig best to get him to upload it.

Cutest Mini Pig Mash-up Video

9 Apr

"huffington post mini pig"As I was perusing my daily mini pig news digest I came across this adorable video of the cutest mini pigs and was shocked to see that I made the round-up!!!

Mini Pig to the Rescue

8 Apr

Sorry for my absence these past few days. My mom has been a sicky poo with a stomach infection and I’ve been nursing her back to health.

She’s now a healthy broad (thanks to my cuddles, kisses and ability to transform into a hot water bottle with four legs) and I can get back to my usual activities. Like talking to you all :)

Mini Pig in Rainboots

4 Apr

My pig-spiration

Rain is an unfortunate part of San Francisco living. This little piggy detests puddles so naturally I went on my laptop and ordered some galoshes. The rainboots came from England and were meant to fit a small Paddington Bear.

Paddington Bear

I thought they made things smaller overseas but these boots were far too big and certainly not made for mini pig walking :( Considered ordering a full rain ensemble like this and then remembered yellow isn’t my color.

So on rainy days like today I am forced to stay inside. Does anyone know where I can get some rainboots in my size??

Mini Pig: After Dark

2 Apr

Mini pig’s do not adhere to bedtimes. At least that’s what I tell my human when I get a burst of energy late night that only a walk around the block will cure.

Squealing with delight on my night walk

As much as I adore the sunshine, the moonlight has it perks too.

Uninterrupted exploring.

Rooting undetected in flowerbeds.

sniffing around

And WALKING with no leash!!!

"mini pig speed walking"

Look Ma, No Leash. Catch me if you can

Being an urban city pig, the streetlights illuminate my path and are like giant nightlights so I don’t get scared of the dark. Do you ever dare to dance (or prance, or walk) in the moonlight?

Mini Pig x2: Introducing Tom Sawyer

1 Apr

All of my mini pig wishing, hoping and praying has paid off; this little piggy is getting a mini pig sibling!

"Baby Mini PIg"

Introducing my little pig brother, Tom Sawyer. I haven’t met the oinker yet but I’m already head over hooves in love with him. I’m excited to show him the ropes around San Francisco and to have someone to cuddle with every night. The whole sharing thing is not my strong suit but mom keeps telling me “sharing is caring.” Now you all will get to see the new adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn!!



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